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Souvenir Pages
 Souvenir Pages have been issued by the US Postal Service since the Yellowstone Park issue of 1972 (a Page was issued for Family Planning, but not included in the subscription series.)  Each 8 x 10-1/2 inch Page is printed on tinted bond paper, often with watermarks, and includes an image of the stamp, data about the issue including designer, first day date, first day city, number of stamps printed and background information on the stamp's subject.  The stamp itself is affixed to the page and first day cancelled. Since 1988, Page numbers are printed in the lower right corner.  Generally, Page numbers are four-digit numbers beginning with the two-digit year followed by a two-digit sequence-of-issue number, e.g 9601, 9602, etc. Pages issued prior to 1988 were not printed with a number, but have since been assigned numbers in The Postal Service Guide to US Stamps by the ASPPP (and accepted by the USPS) going back to 1972, the start of the subscription program. Pages have been issued (with only a few exceptions in 2000) for every US stamp issued since the start of the program in 1972.

The subscription cost of Souvenir Pages and the pricing structure have changed over the years:

1972: 50-cents plus the face value of the stamps affixed.
1978: 75-cents plus the face value of the stamps affixed.
1983: $1.00 or the face value of the stamps affixed, whichever is larger.
1991: $1.25 or the face value of the stamps affixed, whichever is larger.
1993: $1.50 or the face value of the stamps affixed, whichever is larger.
2001: $2.00 or the face value of the stamps affixed, whichever is larger.

Our goal is to eventually list and scan every Souvenir Page since the start of the series; links to tables for each year from 1972 to 2001 will be added below as we assemble them, and scans of Pages will be included as they become available. Pages issued since 2002  are listed and scanned on a separate webpage since they were renamed American Commemorative Cancellation Pages (click here). Stamp Posters (click here)  are also listed on a separate webpage; they were posted on Post Office bulletin boards to announce new issues, and are the forerunners to Souvenir Pages.

1972 (17 Pages)
1973 (23 Pages)
1974 (20 Pages)
1975 (26 Pages)
1976 (24 Pages)
1977 (21 Pages)
1978 (28 Pages)
1979 (25 Pages)
1980 (25 Pages)
1981 (38 Pages)
1982 (36 Pages)
1983 (43 Pages)
1984 (38 Pages)
1985 (51 Pages)
1986 (31 Pages)
1987 (37 Pages)
1988 (59 Pages)
1989 (33 Pages)
1990 (24 Pages)
1991 (54 Pages)
1992 (43 Pages)
1993 (35 Pages)
1994 (40 Pages)
1995 (50 Pages)
1996 (41 Pages)
1997 (37 Pages)
1998 (47 Pages)
1999 (50 Pages)
2000 (29 Pages)
2001 (53 Pages)

(click HERE for Cancellation Pages, 2002-current)

 To download the current ASPPP Microsoft Excel spreadsheet list of all Souvenir Pages and Cancellation Pages issued, fill in the fields below and click submit:

We hope you find this spreadsheet useful. It is updated with Souvenir Pages and Cancellation Pages listed through Wave 6 of 2023, last updated April 29, 2024; it will be updated again as new waves are received.